Sunday, June 18

Textured Tote

Very excited. I finally finished a good chunk of a bag I've been working on since March. The pattern started out as a V-neck sweater, but I just didn't get around to finishing it. So, it became a bag. I keep thinking about how crochet felts up thicker than knitting does. I knew there would be a better way to felt crochet and I think I found it. Work the sts through the front loop only. It made the fabric much more flexible and as pleasant as any knitted sample I've done. Now, to finish it off. I'm trying to decide between an edging for the top or a flap. I think I'm going to do a buttoned flap. Stay tuned.
textured tote 020
textured tote 017


Pfirsch said...

That turned out really well. I'm glad somebody finally figured out how to make felting with crochet thinner.

Norah said...

It looks really nice.