Sunday, July 9

DIY Crochet Baby!

So, when the NFL Network went live, I was aghast. I mean, football was on T.V. at least twice a week during the season. When not watching it on t.v., my dear SkaDaddy was at the computer wrestling multiple fantasy football leagues. NFL Network brought football to our home 24/7. Over the last few years, I've told S.D. that he just needs to wait. He will get to watch crochet on the telly with me one day.

But now. Now, people. Crochet is ON T.V.! Hell yeah!

Uncommon Threads is host to many a needlework (except knitting) - including embroidery, cross stitch, quilting, and something else. What was it? Oh, yeah, CROCHET!
Here is a complete line up through August, my stuff is in DUCT-116 & DUCT-132. Here is a mini recap.
It started last week with a group crocheting a bedroom set in ribbon, bedspread of a sort, valance, and pillow. The next crochet episode will air on July 19th with office desk accessories and will feature Missa. Next is Crocheted Hats on July 28.

Then, guess what? It's ME, baby....

August 7th at 7:30 am(!) (Pacific Time) - Uncommon Threads Contemporary Crochet Home Decor - DIY Network, featuring Marlo with a jute rope basket, Tiffany's rag rug pillowcase and Moi with the leather cording tray.
Later my crocheted sushi is presented, along with some fabulous projects from Kim, Cecily, and Donna, on a Crochet me episode for party decorating.

Other episodes, not related to crochet, that I look forward to:
Felting roving into fashionable accessories on July 23
Kathy Cano Murilla, the Crafty Chica on July 21
Shannon Okey embroiders a tie on Aug 4th.

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