Thursday, September 21

Fun with Fiber: Get Hooked!

I've put together an after school enrichment class at my daughters elementary school. The class will teach crochet along with other fiber directed activities. The flyer went out last friday and I just received word that it's already filled! Hopefully, I'll get the yarn today, then I'll post a photo of all the pretty, candy colored supplies. Several parents told me they want to take the class themselves.

Le Flyer:

Crochet is FUN, it’s EASY, and it’s TOTALLY COOL! In this class, you will GET HOOKED! as you learn how to crochet. Each of the four sessions will teach how to create fabric with just yarn and a hook along with other fiber fun activities like dyeing your own yarn and making felted beads. Julie Holetz is the author of Crochet Away!

1st class: Dye yarn with Kool-Aid! (caution: messy!)

2nd class: Learn to Crochet!

3rd class: Make Felted Beads! (caution: wet!)

4th class: Embellish it with beads and buttons!

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Deneen said...

I want to take the class! Great schedule.