Monday, November 20

Busy little crafty bee

Present for mutti, Part I, crocheted wire jewelry set, original pattern at Used 24 g gold wire, G/7 4.5 mm hook, and Rhyolite beads.
Present for mutti, Part II, felted pouch, embroidered with grommets. Used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in avocado, small grommets, Senso cotton and DMC floss for embroidery, leather thong, and a coin mutti brought back from Hong Kong.
Autumn Clutch
Ally's present for her Oma - gold wire wrapped sea glass
oma's present
Hat commissioned by a friend to match her rain boots, pattern by Chloe. Adapted for worsted weight, size H/8 5.0 mm hook on 60 sts. Brown=Lion Wool Ease, Orange=Bernat satin, Green=Knit Picks Wool of Andes
Chloe's Hat pattern
My newest hat design is waiting for a scarf partner. I call it Seismic because it reminds me of earthquakes growing up in L.A.


Dawn said...

LOVE the seismic hat. Would never have thought to do waves that way or in a hat for that matter, but am very much going to have to do it...after the million holiday things on the TDL don't get D that is. And thanks for reminding me about Chloe's hat...actually have some yarn I meant to do it up in for child #2 for it might actually get done. And the felted pouch leaves me speechless. You are just talented. Period. End of Story.

Shannon said...

oh, that hat is AWESOME...

Anonymous said...

Love the earthquake hat! Imagine how unsettling it would be in a variegated yarn?!