Monday, January 8

Fringe alternatives

I know quite a few people use the Larks head knot for their fringe.
With the Larks Head knot you fold the strands of yarn in half. Push the folded end through the space or stitch, then pull the tail ends through the loop created by the fold. But, (gasp!) there is another way. I needed a fringe knot that would help me incorporate a left over tail end from a woven project. So, here is a super simple photo tutorial on how to make overhand knotted fringe.

What it looks like
Overhand fringe

Step 1: Straddle the fringe evenly through a space or stitch
Overhand fringe Step 1

Step 2: Tie an overhand (or over finger) knot
Overhand Fringe Step 2

Step 3: Secure the fringe by pushing the knot close to the fabric and pulling the ends
Overhand Fringe Step 3

Difference in knots:
Overhand knot is on the left side of the photo and the Larks Head is on the right side.


sink sink socks said...
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Helen said...

I was at a lose for something different and googled "fringe alternatives, came to this post, added this fringe and love it! Thank you and have a great Holiday!