Saturday, February 10

Julie and Julia

While lightening up our cookbook collection, last night, I found this photo of me and Julia Child.
Julie and Julia
I had dinner with her back when I was a book buyer in Ann Arbor, MI. It was so very cool to walk into our dinky little po-dunk gourmet restaurant with Julia Child. A hush came over the restaurant as people whispered. People who knew she was someone but weren't sure who and their friends who knew who she was. Since, the chef didn't know we were coming in advance, she was gracious enough to go into the kitchen and talk with him. She was so entertaining and gracious and kind and funny and smart.

In Julia's voice: Then pour in the wine. Some for the pot and some for the cook.

I'll post the photo of me and B.B. King when I find it. And the one of me and Henry Rollins. Ann Arbor was a hot bed of celebrity meetings.

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Sally said...

I am insanely jealous. How I would have loved to have met her!