Monday, March 5


At which point should I have realized my destiny and given up?

I am making a little purse and wanted to put in a silky zippered lining. So, I went to the store for a zipper and matching thread. While picking out the zipper, Thad's little body decided it had to pee at that very moment. The bathroom that used to be there was suddenly not a public bathroom anymore and he peed his little pants. So, we jammed home where I realize that I forgot the matching thread. Thad changes pants, goes wee, and I get creative and decide to use a bold contrasting thread. I ironed my fabric, basted the opening, pinned the zipper, and threaded the sewing machine. The machine is not working. After futzing with it for 20 minutes I decide to hand sew the zipper. It's a little purse. The fabric is very silky and it puckered a little with the sewing. But, I venture on. I hand sew the remainder of the lining. Open the zipper and turn inside out. Not terrible for a beginning zipper job. Uh, but wait, what's this? I sewed the zipper to the wrong side of the fabric. DOH! Crap.
Zipper sewn to wrong side of fabric

Since I'm a bright side person, I decide that I'm looking it as a learning experience. Then, I eat a cookie.

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