Wednesday, May 23

10 days

Only 10 more days until my book manuscript is due to the publisher. Whew. I'm only a little freaked out.
In the meantime, SkaDaddy is always wondering just what it is that I'm looking for at the thrift store all the time.
$1.50 got me a leather strap. I may still detach the leather bottom or keep it as a clutch.
recycling 007
$2.50 got me scrap leather, a few magnetic clasps, and a leather strap with rings
deconstructing Relic
free web belts from my mom can be used as bag straps.
web belts
Some of the colors in my current book project so they called to me from the rack "buy me, buy me!"
This $5 belt became a strap
a belt
for this bag I crocheted from raffia
raffia bag

1 comment:

Brianna said...

I've always just recycled the buckles. I never seriously thought about recycling the whole belt. Good thinking, Julie!

That raffia bag, and the clutch above it, are nice. :)