Wednesday, June 6

Being a born and bred city girl, I find the idea of the farming life way more romantic than my mother who grew up milking farm cows in the early morning before school.
Maybe I'm just trying to find the balance between knowing and appreciating the simpler things and being able to buy it at the store if I don't have the inclination to make it myself. You see, once upon a time I was that girl in the video who was looking at a sweater in the Fiorucci store and asked if wool came from a cow.

So last year I was enchanted by the book Maryjanes Farmgirl Wisdom, by Maryjane Butters. Not so enchanting are my mothers stories of having to get up before sunrise to light the pilot light on the furnace or no one would get a warm bath in the morning. So, nevermind that. Maryjane makes organic living pretty and simple and fun.
Poking around the web revealed that Maryjane has a new book out called Maryjanes Stitching with instructions for sewing, tatting, crochet, and other needlearts. And lookie, she has magazines and a couple of simple crochet headband patterns online.
Maryjane's Stitching Book

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