Wednesday, August 8

A sewer is born!

Some people have problems with the word "crochet", I have a problem with the word "sewer" for people who sew as a hobby. Some people see "crotchet", I see "soo-er". Was it my friend oaktrees who said it should be "couturiere"? ha! Not this chickie.

Whew. I was up until 4:30 in the morning doing an editorial review of my crochet book project. It's coming together. My editor is great and putting up with a lot of babbling on my part.

In the meantime, I've been hitting the thrift store looking for fabric to use with my new sewing machine. SkaDaddy-o says I'm not allowed to sew anything with it until my book project is all wrapped up (and my tech edit assignment) but it's just not faaaiiiiiirrrrrrr.
So my first project will be this crochet hook case made with this cute cotton fabric I found at value village.
cherry fabric

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Megan said...

I printed that out myself last week. I like it, but I need to modify it so I can keep my tape measure in there too, and scissors and a pencil.