Friday, August 3

Sucka? Maybe.

I might be a sucka but I made like a lemming and bought the Brother 6000 sewing machine from based on a post in the Craft blog. Most of the reviews on Amazon and Overstock were very favorable and there's a 30 day return window. It's computerized and has embroidery and quilting features, all of which sounds like fun to me. Only 2.95 shipping!
For some reason, I'm fascinated by the idea of story quilts and I've been bouncing an idea around my head to do a few quilted story blocks that feature places from my life. The Farmer's Market in L.A., the jellyfish lined beaches of San Diego, and Melrose Avenue. Maybe even Oki Dog, home of the famous Oki Dog featuring two hot dogs with chili and pastrami wrapped up in a flour tortilla and an excellent breakfast after senior overnight trip to Magic Mountain. Oh and I should probably learn to quilt, too.  When I have some time, of course.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the happy world of sewing. Let me know if you have an questions. I'm quite the quilter and garment sew-er.