Sunday, September 23

jiggety jog

I'm home.

The week was busy, busy. I only had a chance to connect with one old friend and spent a total of 4 hours being a tourist.

I'd like to say many thanks to Fletcher, the Boeing guy, who sat next to me on the flight back. He recognized that I was experiencing air sickness with the turbulence and he happily distracted me with card trick magic. It helped and I didn't throw up all over the sleeping guy in front of me.

Observations about San Francisco:

People who drive their own cars in San Francisco are thrill seekers in my opinion.

I didn't have one terrible meal. Except for the coffee in my room, but I only had to endure that for one morning.

San Franciscans are weenies about rain.

Castro Valley has yummy sashimi.

Peets coffee is really, really good.
san francisco 032
Starbucks are very few and far between.

BART is an adventure and the bus system is pretty good.

Dutch tourists reallllllly hate it when you ask if they are from Germany.

Sea Lions are loud.
sea lions on pier 39

North Berkeley is more my speed than San Francisco.

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