Saturday, October 13

Crochet Away!

Signed copies of my first book, Crochet Away!, are now available on Etsy.

Crochet Away! is a how-to crochet book geared toward tweens and teens ages 8 and up. In order to get started right away, the book comes with yarn, a hook, yarn needle, 8 beginner patterns and super simple instructions that are complete with illustrations. In addition, the book includes neat tips like how to adjust a hat pattern to fit any size and how to keep from losing stitches.

Each of the simple patterns come with ideas and instructions on how to adjust the pattern so you can customize it to your own personal style.

Patterns include a BFF cuff, beanie hat, scarf, bag, fingerless gloves, flowers, choker, and some cool containers for your desk.

Crochet Away! is the perfect gift for your blossoming crafter.


Ellen Bloom said...

Congrats, Julie! This sounds like a great book!

Terri Lynn said...

Congratulations! I will be checking it out!