Friday, October 12

Crochet by Faye

Lion and Lamb Sneak Peek, originally uploaded by rchach.

Okay, I don't normally talk about my editing assignments before the books come out, but let me just say that the new book by Robyn Chachula is going to be so much fun! I've really enjoyed her weekly sneak peaks and while I haven't seen the pattern for Lion and Lamb project yet (photo above) I'm pretty sure this will be one my first projects from the book.

So, keeping in Robyn's tradition, 2 tech edited and 18 more to go.

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Ellen Bloom said...

Hey Julie!

Guess who I ran into at the F. Mkt. on Thursday night? None other than Larry and Beth! I was sitting with a group from the WeHo SnB, after hearing Crazy Aunt Purl's book reading at the Barnes/Noble.

Your Dad is sooooo proud of you and all your pattern writing ventures! His big handsome smile was even bigger when he was talking about you!

Today I took Beth out to a belated b-day lunch! We always have fun!!!

Take care and congrats on the book!