Saturday, December 1

Free Yarn!

red leather basket
Whether you're a crocheter, a knitter, or bistitchual (heck, polystitchual if you're a Jill of all trades), I'm sure you could always use some extra yarn. How about some extra yarn courtesy of Interweave Press and the folks at Knitting Daily?

Knitting Daily is having a Yarn Spree Giveaway contest. Three winners will be chosen at random and will have an opportunity to shop for free yarn, needles, books, and magazines at their favorite LYS.

First place: $300 gift certificate to your LYS
Second place: $200 gift certificate to your LYS
Third place: $100 gift certificate to your LYS

It's simple to enter and there's no strings attached!

It was hard to decide between The Weaving Works, The Fiber Gallery, and Hilltop West as my favorite LYS. But, I had to choose.

ETA: Be sure to link to your favorite LYS. I wanna know!


Kristin said...

Bistitchual, hee! That had my roomie & me cracking up!

And? I entered for the drawing, listing Sheep Street Fibers, a fantabulous fiber store & Shetland sheep farm in central Indiana.

Julie said...

Wow, a store with a sheep farm. Now, that is getting it straight from the source. How cool!

Sally said...

Ha! I totally entered. I hope crocheters win all three prizes!