Wednesday, December 12

S'watch ya doin'?

I'm glad you asked. I be swatchin' for AJ's sweater. Recently, I noticed that when I went yarn shopping I always shopped for oranges, reds, greens, and browns. My favorite colors. I almost never looked at the blues. But, blue is AJ's favorite color. Turquoise to be exact. Now that I'm thinking of making a sweater for her my eyes have opened to a whole new scheme of colors. Now, I'm looking at blues, pinks, and purples. And I like it!
This yarn is Austermann Smaragd from Elann (dk - superwash).
(sc in next, dc in next) fml rib with weave diamond

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Ellen Bloom said...

Oooooo...I'm really liking the third swatch. It's like little trees. It would make a great yoke for a sweater!