Thursday, February 7

Recycled Sweater Toys class

AJ and Mom's Toys, originally uploaded by skamama.

Left: AJ's owl Snowflake (Hedwigs sister); Right: My class sample
We were having so much fun in my after school felting class I didn't take a single photo. Sigh.
The last class was recycling sweaters into toys. I gave the kids some basic sewing stitches to work with and they just cut and sewed and embellished whatever they want.
Class 1: Felted beads and balls
Class 2: Flat felt. We just made a piece of felt then the kids sewed buttons and beads onto it.
Class 3: Resist Felt. We used rocks as a resist to make felted pouches. The kids liked it but I think I'll replace with dry needle felting next time.
Class 4: Recycled sweaters.

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