Monday, March 3

Excuses, excuses

I am such a naughty blogger. There really are many reasons I haven't been a good blogging buddy lately. Among them, a massive fire sale at Hilltop Queen Anne on Saturday, with all yarn at 50% I wanted to be a good community citizen and help them out after they were closed for 3 weeks due to an electrical fire (andgetmesomeyummycheapyarn). Then there are the multiple editing projects for some awesome crochet books and magazines heading our way soon. I'm also starting a beginning handwork class at my local elementary school and working on a class proposal for a community arts center. And *gasp* I'm crocheting again. It seems like it's been forever. I have a few garments in the works and a couple of bag patterns. Then to top it all off it's Science Fair season. The theme is Green Earth. My crafty brain came up with recycling experiments - crocheting/knit plastic bags, making crafty tin can containers, homemade paper from recycled paper. But, sigh, my 8 year old daughter wanted to do something with animal preservation. Unfortunately, live animal projects aren't allowed so instead we're discovering the effects of oil spills/leaks on water birds. Check out these nifty experiments to conduct on duck feathers.

While I finish up some projects worthy of show and tell I did want to spread the news about some great looking crafts books that I'm anxiously waiting for.

Creepy Cute Crochet, from blogger Needle Noodles

The Creative Family
, from blogger SouleMama

Crochet Designs for Kids, by Lucinda Guy
and of course

Uncommon Crochet, (photo at top) by moi.


Emily said...

Hi, I've come via feeling stitching comment expidition.
You have a lovely blog. I don't know how to crochet, but it's on the someday list!! Your stitch markers look great. :)

Anna said...

Love your blog! Got here via Feeling Stitchy when I realized I'd been here before looking at your pompom tutorial. I've now got you on my and will check back again.

Anna said...

Oh yeah, and my interest is peaked on your book. Love those bags!

Also, I've been collecting plastic bags of certain color schemes for a while and do plan to knit with them. Hopefully soon.

Josi said...

So this is where you be!!

Your book is out - OMG! YAYYAYYAYYAY.

Julie said...

Josi, the book is almost out. My editor says mid-April, but my publicist says May. Likely to be May on the west coast anyway.