Wednesday, March 5

Kids Cook and Create

Look, look! My 5 1/2 year old son came home and made me lunch for a change. He learned to make pizza in preschool and with only a little help from me with the oven he made me his favorite food. It was delicious!

Y'know, I read creative family blogs like SouleMama and I think how sweet it is that the family all stitches and crafts together in a seemingly harmonious way. So yesterday I asked Thad (aka Thor) if he would stitch with me while we had tea and cookies.

Thor: "Do I have too?"
SkaM: "How about for just ten minutes? I'll set the timer."
Thor: (grudgingly) "ohhhkaaaaay".

So, I set the timer and gave him a hoop and some burlap with a heart design on it. During that ten minutes he only looked at the timer twice and he showed a lot of interest in seeing how close he could stay on the traced line. After the timer went off he was about 3/4 of the way around. I asked him if he wouldn't mind finishing it so I could put it in his keepsake box. He finished it then went off to play legos. I'm happy.

Thads Heart and another SkaMama/Rudegirl collaboration (she draws, I stitch)

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