Friday, May 23

Chicks With Sticks Winner and Me, me, me

This was a lot of fun. If you decide to do a "10 Things About Me" in your blog, let me know. I wanna play. Thanks to Samantha for the idea!

And the winner of The Chicks with Sticks Guide to Crochet is....

First, let me talk more about ME!

1. I have been hit by a car, as a pedestrian, three times.

It's true. Only one of those times landed me in the hospital, though. I was doing what every parent fears, running into the street without looking. The car hit and I flew over it landing in the street. Thankfully, because I didn't see the car coming I didn't tense up and only suffered minor injuries that kept me out of school for a few weeks. The other two times resulted in a few nasty bruises.

2. I have a fear of heights.

I think everyone knows about my cockroachaphobia, but I haven't really discussed this little fear until now (read: denial). I discovered it while climbing a ladder to the rafters in my stage crew class in high school. I got halfway up the ladder then suddenly froze, my heart started racing, my palms got soft and clammy, I thought I was going to fall, and I couldn't move a muscle. The teacher sent a friend up to walk me down. I rediscovered it while rock climbing on my Outward Bound trip. I have lots of trouble on bridges, tall buildings (like the viewing platform at the top of the Space Needle) and anytime I have to climb things like ladders.

3. I can bend my tongue into a circle.

One of those quirky body tricks some people can do and some can't. My daughter and I can, my son and husband can't.

4. I cried after hiking 10 miles on the first day of my Outward Bound adventure.

City kid + 10 miles of hiking in the Sierra mountains = Exhausted and defeated. I ended up surviving 20 more days though and was a much tougher cookie than when I started.

5. I saw The Motels at the Whiskey when I was 11.

In elementary school, my best friends mom worked as a waitress at the Whiskey A Go Go. She took us to work one night when I was sleeping over and I got to watch from backstage. (I'm pretty sure my parents didn't know that. Hi Mom, Hi Dad!)

6. I got married on the day Princess Di died.

We found out about the accident the night before during our "rehearsal" dinner.

7. I loved the movie The English Patient so much I bought 2 copies of the DVD.

I hated the English Patient. It was long and dull and boring and did I mention long? I don't even own one copy.
Whew, Neefer can continue to read my blog with a clean conscience.

8. I got drunk on my first date with my husband and I threw up on a girl in the bathroom.

Classy, I know. Ellen, thank you for thinking so much of me. I was nervous about the date, didn't eat, husband bought rounds of Jaeger Meister and beer chasers. Things got ugly quick. My poor husband suffered as well. He was too hung over to watch The Super Bowl, his most favorite show ever. We haven't touched The Meister since.

9. I burned my bum backing up to a wall heater when I was 5 and had to go the ER.

I was very chilly after my bath, so I backed alllllll they way up to the Thermador wall heater to get warm. I remember that day vividly. I actually had lines across my bum for a few weeks.

10. I can raise my left eyebrow more (meaning higher) than my right.

Another body quirk. I got this one from my dad.

So #7 was incorrect! I really didn't like The English Patient, even at that time.

Using Random Number Generator, THE WINNER is....5elementknitr

Andy - I had to look up The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada. Love Tommy Lee Jones so I'll take you up on that borrow offer, but I have to return The Little House on the Prairie to your wife first. Next time stuff a few In N Out burgers in your carry on.


Neefer said...

Hey, something else we have in common!

Ellen Bloom said...

Hahahahaha! Julie! I hated "The English Patient" too! I didn't think there would be two of us. HOWEVER, there was a "Seinfeld" episode years ago about the exact same thing.

Have a good Memorial Day holiday!

Megan said...

Heh - I also burnt my bum backing up to something - but in my case it was the wood stove. It was after my bath and I was just wrapped in a towel trying to get warm. I had to sit on the cold coffee table to cool it off. (I used to press my bum up against the window to cool it off from being spanked too. My neighbors must have loved that.)

Chloe said...

I still have stripes on my right buttock (buttock, har har) from when I was warming my butt in front of the gas fire back at our old apartment in January or February. I bent over and got seared. Mark thought it was very funny. Good thing I have an aloe plant, is all I have to say..