Tuesday, July 1

El Gorgo Contest!

Shannon Okey, a.k.a. Knitgrrl, is having a contest! Her boyfriend Tamas Jakab just finished issue #1 of El Gorgo!, a comic book magazine that chronicles the adventures of the world's greatest gorilla luchador. Shannon is so proud of her man and his creation, she wants to see El Gorgo and his foe Dagon interpreted through

This contest made me think of a gallery exhibit we saw in L.A. in January. It was the Art Tribute to Stan Lee, exhibited at Gallery 1988. We saw some of the most fantastic modern interpretations of Lee's work at the exhibit and not only in paint and glass, but in felt and stitches. A few of the pieces are shown here and here .

Details for the El Gorgo-umi! contest can be found on the Knitgrrl blog and the deadline is Labor Day, September 1st, 2008.

From the Knitgrrl blog:
El Gorgo-rumi! I want to see El Gorgo rendered in knit or crochet, I want you to tell your comic-book-loving significant others about the magnificent glory that is El Gorgo and I want El Gorgo to be the most popular luchador gorilla on earth, yo.

The best El Gorgo in categories knit, crochet and sewn will get prizes — chocolate, signed books, hand-dyed yarn, signed El Gorgo mini-posters…whatever we can cram into a box that’s awesome. You have until Labor Day, ok? Bonus prizes if you make mini Dagons and take photos of them fighting.

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