Monday, July 21

OITF - Local Roots Farm, Carnation, WA 7/20

What an amazing experience. Yesterday, SkaDaddy and I were invited to attend the Outstanding in the Field dinner held at Local Roots Farm in Carnation, WA.
Outstanding in the Field is basically a roving restaurant without walls whose purpose it is to reconnect diners to the origins of their food. Diners bring their own plate and sit at a long table set "in the field" of a local farm or winery where dinner is prepared using local ingredients by a local chef.
When we arrived, we were welcomed with a glass of wine, local cherries and some chickens. Once the 130, or so, guests were assembled, the farmers gave us a tour of the farm. Local Roots is a Naturally Grown farm that provides produce for local restaurants, farmers markets, and it's own CSA program.
Next, we were guided to the table, where we spent a few hours and many glasses of wine getting to know the farmers and other diners. Dinner was prepared by Matt Dillon, the Chef and owner of Sitka and Spruce and The Corson Building. The five course meal featured beautiful vegetables,fish, and meat from the local farms. Imagine sitting outside on a beautiful day eating carrots and fennel and baby beets surrounded by the same vegetables in the field waiting for the next harvest.
The food was spectacular and the experience was a culinary adventure.

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alce said...

I've been to three OTITF dinners, and they've all be wonderful. What a great way to connect with people.