Tuesday, July 15

Shedding more books

I am still in declutter mode. This time I am digging into my stash of vintage and retro books and magazines and trying my hand at eBay. If you're interested in old needlework books and magazines take a peek and see if there is something you like.

There are also kids craft booklets along with some old needlework magazines.


Anonymous said...

I've been looking for the Vibeke Lind book for a while, I just bid on your ebay page - cross your fingers for me! :)

Julie said...

Fingers crossed.

Chloe said...

GAHHHHHHH! I didn't check your blog for a while and this is what I miss. DANG. If you didn't sell the American Crochet Book or Practical Modern Crochet (I have Design Crochet!), let me know. I can paypal in your American dollars!

Also, don't I owe you some money for some raffia and twine?