Thursday, July 17

Whoo's out there?

Barred OwlMy almost 9 year old daughter loves owls (and horses and cats and dogs and mermaids and fairies and candy). So, when I saw that a local parks department was offering to take kids and their parent(s) on a trek through the woods at dusk to look for owls I thought it would be perfect for us.
Now, keep in mind that I watch a.lot! of horror movies and I grew up a city girl, so walks through the woods at night tend to scare me a little. The whole reason my dad sent me on that 3-week Outward Bound Adventure in the Sierra's at 15 was because I was more afraid to walk in the woods at night than I was to walk the streets of L.A. Honestly, L.A. should be more frightening considering my dad, my husband, my step mom, and I have each been mugged at either gun point or knife point. But I'm working through my fears, so off to the woods we went.
We tiptoed along a couple of trails with thick, tangled arches made from branches that reminded me of the witch's woods in Hansel and Gretel. Then, we wandered through a meadow where I'm sure Velociraptors were waiting to pluck us down one by one. But, we saw nary an owl. We did see bats and two dead moles that appeared to have been involved in a standoff reminiscent of a Clint Eastwood movie. Yet, no owls. So we went home disappointed.
Apparently, there weren't any owls because they were all in my backyard.
Last night, we heard a strange squeaking sound that was coming from all around the house. We quietly sneaked outside and found four Barred Owls flying over the house and into our trees. Then we watched as they hunted the pesky wittle wabbits that live in my neighbors yard. It was like watching Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, but for real.
Cascade Sierra
In other news, I'm into the half cotton, half wool yarns at the moment. Look at the yummy Cascade Sierra I just recieved. It's intended for my next project. I had no idea that was located only 1/2 hour away from me. I was wondering it how it was that I ordered the yarn yesterday then received it this afternoon. has great prices and super fast shipping.

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Romi said...

How cool that you got a picture of the owl! We always hear them but never see them.