Friday, October 10

Crafting for Change Nov 4, 2008

OBAMA 2008, originally uploaded by NancyinSTL.

Thank you to my crafty friend Lynne for sending me a link to the
Obama Craft Project. The Obama Craft Project was developed by Sewer-Sewist couple Sarah and Josh, who wanted to do their part for the Obama-Biden campaign.

From the blog:

The Obama Craft Project seeks to celebrate and archive the work of the many crafters who have created projects inspired by Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign for the Presidency.

The site and Flickr group have some inspiring ideas from dedicated artists and crafters. One of my favorite pieces is the Denyse Schmidt "Yes We Can" quilt. You can enter a drawing for the quilt by making a $10 donation to the Obama-Biden campaign. The lucky winner will be drawn after November 4th.

If you have something you would like featured you can send a note to or upload a photo on their Flickr group.


lynne said...

i just made a donation to try and win the DS quilt!

lynne said...
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