Tuesday, October 14

Traudl Foster, My Mom paints a deer skull !!

Just in time for the holidays, Traudl Foster, my mom, has put the finishing touches on a few pieces she's been working on for awhile.
hand painted skull by traudl foster
She bought the deer skull off eBay, then decided it needed a little makeover. Buying the skull off eBay was good for her. She usually picks up roadkill or digs up her beloved deceased pets for her craft projects.
skeletons by traudl foster
This cool skeleton piece was handmade straight down to the the little clay skeleton bones at the bottom of the frame. My mom and her husband bought a kiln this summer and one of her first projects were the skeletons and back drop for this piece. This is headed for a wall in her guest bathroom, where the theme is dedicated to all things skeleton.

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Sara said...

That deer head is so cool! Tell your mom that she has internet fans! (at least one)