Friday, November 7

How to solve the world's problems....

Kittens on Grannies!!
Photo by Kristin Nicholas

I love to read the farm blog of textile designer Kristin Nicholas. I live vicariously through Getting Stitched on the Farm, where Kristin posts beautiful stories and photos about her life on a sheep farm. While I often find myself envious of her life, often forwarding her post to my mom who would love to live on a working farm, I know in my heart that I just couldn't get up early enough to feed the animals. Unless of course, I train the sheep to sleep in.
Kristin recently rediscovered crochet and extended her obsession with color to the simple granny square. The photo above is her most recent litter of kittens on her granny-ghan. Seriously, doesn't that photo just melt your stress away for at least a moment?

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Kim Werker said...

This is the cutest thing ever. Kittens!