Saturday, December 13

Cartoon math geek gets ripped off

I was poking around Facebook the other day and followed an ad link for Snorgtees. On the front page amidst several other tees I spotted a cartoon that was drawn by SkaDaddy's best friend Gordon Caulkins of and the Bonebat podcast. I thought, how awesome he's making good with his art. I spotted it easily because it is one of his most popular works and he's sold it to companies who publish books like math texts because, well, it's math geek humor.

When we called to congratulate him, it turns out that he'd been ripped off. Snorgtees phishes around for cartoons and slogans, changes it up a bit, then sells them without credit or compensation to the original creator.

So, I just want to say that I will be boycotting Snorgtees and if you're interested in my friends math geek humor you can buy the tee and support the original creator himself right here in his shop.

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