Wednesday, December 24

Hat & Slippers for AG

Hat & Slippers for AG, originally uploaded by skamama.

Yesterday I made my way to the UPS center to see if I couldn't track down our precious present. It took snow chains and 4-wheel drive but I made it...along with about 25 other people looking for their packages. The UPS people looked very frazzled and had to come up with 25 different ways to say "sorry, Charlie". They were so backed up they had trucks full of boxes in the yard that couldn't be reached. So, I came home and whipped up a little something for Ally's new doll to wear when she finally came in from out in the cold.
A pair of felted slippers, a Sockpixie pattern (scroll down for slippers) and a little hat I made up my self. The yarn is Kollage Glisten, an Alpaca silk blend with a touch of gold metallic sparkle.
Finished off the slipper detail this morning and guess what? UPS delivered our package this evening!

In fact, he showed up while we were out doing this:


laughing purple goldfish said...

man, those felted slippers are super adorable... love the simple embellishment on the front... perfection!

the 'action shot' in the snow is magnificent... reminds me that we really are on the other side of the world!

Amy said...

A Christmas miracle! I love the hat and slippers. That's the awesome thing about toy knitting--instant gratification.

Jill said...

Those slippers and hat are fantastic. And, so glad to hear the doll finally arrived.