Wednesday, December 17

Things to do on school break

Birds from Kooky Crochet
So technically, it's not school break yet. But, we had a snow day today even though there is no snow. So, ideas to keep kids busy got started early.

1.Have the kids create their own 12 Days of (insert holiday here) and perform it for the family. It's really fun to see what they come up with but beware you may not want to know what your kids are imagining; see my 6 year old's version for Halloween below.

To tie into this project you could crochet a few birds that could either be a partridge or a calling bird or just because they're cute. I crocheted the birds above from the book Kooky Crochet: 30 Remarkably Wacky Projects. The pattern is Amigurumi Birds (rav link), by Sharleen Marco
Other patterns for really cute birds:
Birds of a feather
, by Hannah Kaminsky
Caroline's Birds, by Marlo Cairns

Twelve Days of Christmas by Ally
First Day of Christmas my true love gave to me a squirrel in an acorn tree
Second day...2 horse riders
Third day...3 light sabers (for dad)
Fourth day...4 Mews (pokemon, for brother)
Fifth day...5 candy canes
Sixth day...6 cups of coffee (?!)
Seventh day...7 pounds of chocolate (that was for me)
Eight day...8 glass orbs
Ninth day...9 black cats named Shadow
Tenth day...10 Simpsons Movies
Eleventh day...11 baby deers
Twelfth day...12 roaring fires

12 Days of Halloween by Thad
First Day of Halloween my true love gave to me a skeleton in a bag.
Second day...2 candies in a bag
Third day...3 pet bats in a cage
Fourth day...4 spiders in a tree
Fifth day...5 bloody hearts in a bag
Sixth day...6 pet red dragons in a cage
Seventh day...7 bloody guys running down the street (should I be concerned?)
Eight day...8 cauldrons in a castle
Ninth day...9 monsters growling in a house
Tenth day...10 tickets to the haunted house
Eleventh day...11 glass eyeballs in a tree
Twelfth day...12 skull kitties in a bag

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Jessica K. said...

I think "skull kitties" is the coolest part. Did he mean kitty skulls? Skeletal cats? Cats with trendy skull patterns on their hoodies?