Tuesday, December 16

Things we'll stitch for our kids

Shhhh, don't tell, but we bought our 9 year daughter what she wanted most for Christmas, an American Girl doll.
These lovely little things are very pricey so we didn't go overboard, picking up the extra outfits that sometimes cost more than I'm willing to spend on my own kids clothes. Yes, I am that cheap, but my kids always grow right out of their new clothes not long after they've been bought.

So in order to give our new charge something to change into, I'm getting creative. Ravelry has a few very cute knit and crochet patterns for 18" dolls and bears. In fact, I queued a top and pant set (love the felted slippers idea), bathrobe and an adorable fur trimmed coat this morning (all Rav links).

I also found out that Amy Houck's new book Knits for Bears to Wear: More than 20 Fun, Knit-to-Fit Fashions for All Teddies and Toys Including 18-Inch Dolls has patterns that not only fit teddy bears, but also American Girl Dolls! And, drumroll please, she is currently writing the sequel Crochet for Bears to Wear. Woo Hoo!

With these books on the way, I can rest easy that the doll should have a lovely handmade wardrobe by summer.

Oh, and not to forget my son...he asked me to make him a crocheted Pokemon Charizard for Christmas; I'm almost done with the body. Good thing we have 2 weeks of vacation coming up. My fingers will be very busy.


Vashti Braha said...

Your son has great taste in Pokemon! Charizard is very cool! Crochetwise, I admit I'm glad my son wanted a Togepi--just some eggy shapes really.
This Christmas he's dying for a Stupid Sock Creature (from the book of that name), and it will have somes surprise crocheted clothes.

laughing purple goldfish said...

ahhh... I have three pokemon obsessed children at my place! looking forward to seeing charizard when he is done :)

Amanda said...

BTW, if you are a member of Crochetville, there are usually some free American Girl clothes on there, as well as on Crochet Pattern Central's free pattern directory.