Tuesday, January 27

Inaugural Crochet Hat

Inaugural Hat Inside Out, originally uploaded by Ethbay.

The inaugural hat, by Beth aka Ethbay on Rav.

My step mom and creative ally, Beth, has stepped over to the dark side and joined the crochet craft revolution!

She is obviously a very talented and quick study because 3 weeks into her new found hobby she decided to design her own hat, crocheted in the round, and based on a hat she saw on t.v..

It's a versatile design as it is reversible.
Above it is shown inside out, here it is right side out.

Well done, Beth. Now, let me tell you about a little magazine I'm editing....

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Ellen Bloom said...

Hey Julie! I helped Beth adapt the hat she saw on TV. Janel @ "Splindicity" asked me to write up the pattern and submit it for the February issue. Watch for the specifications...coming soon!