Wednesday, July 29

Frozen Yogurt Pops

Frozen Yogurt Pops, originally uploaded by skamama.

As we near record breaking temps in the PNW, the family is having a good time figuring out ways to stay cool. My 10 year old experimented with containers of yogurt and it was a wonderfully cool treat.
Treat for a warm day
Simply stick a popsicle into a container of yogurt, with or without the lid, and freeze. The wide mouth containers work better than the narrower Yoplait style.

my new glass head

Also, check out my new lid! I've been looking for a head to take hat photos on and found this recycled glass head at Pier 1 Imports. It works very well at a standard head size. Can't show the hat it's wearing yet as it is scheduled for a book project I'm working on.


Just be happy! said...

thank you for sharing where you got it!

Just be happy! said...

And yes, it has been crazy hot here!
I live in Tacoma and have a 4 months old baby that doesn't understand what is going on... hehehe
Great idea, I might have to make some of those pops for myself!

Have I mentioned how much I love your work?

Anonymous said...

We have been doing frozen yogurt the same way since it was introduced to us at our Vacation Bible Camp.