Friday, August 7

Recycled Doll furniture

Recycled Doll furniture, originally uploaded by skamama.

We've been looking at possibly buying or building a doll houses lately and I found this book called Green Dollhouse, which showcases environmentally friendly doll house entries from The Green Dollhouse Competition in CA a few years ago. While looking at buying doll house furniture, most of which is too expensive and not my taste, I thought about ways to create doll house furniture from recycled materials. Here is my first shot.

The chairs with the orange pillow and footstool are made from an egg carton. The larger chair is made from a toilet paper tube.

It was a lot of fun and you find yourself looking at the materials you put in the recycling bin in a new way. I also painted a toothpaste cap for a vase, not pictured.

Also, check out Melissa's Miniatures, an Etsy shop which features a few doll house pieces also made from toilet paper tubes.


Ellen Bloom said...

Very clever idea, Julie!

I'm thinking Fimo Clay might work too!

Anonymous said...

love the little footstool!

my mom used to make me upholstered furniture kind of like this website shows. i still have them!

also i think this little home is very inspiring...