Thursday, September 24

Fulled Backpack

Fulled Backpack, originally uploaded by skamama.

My newest pattern, an embroidered fulled backpack in Inside Crochet. It's currently only available by ordering from the UK, but should be available digitally on Yudu soon.

Backpack body and flap are crocheted in one piece. The straps are crocheted and felted separately then sewn on. The backpack also features a drawstring closure, woven through inset grommets, and a magnetic snap closure. Finally, feel free to use the flower inspiration here or your own idea to embroider a design that will add your own style.


Ellen Gormley said...

I love it!!

Sam said...

Super cute! I love the button detail.

Annette said...

It's beautiful!

LikeClochework said...

That is fabulous! I've actually been wanting to make something like that for a while now. Please do let us know when the pattern becomes available in the US!