Monday, October 26

View from the Stitching Couch

View from the Stitching Couch, originally uploaded by skamama.

Some people post breathtakingly beautiful photos of the view from their kitchen. Views that are perfect and orderly with flowering gardens beyond the window. Here's my view from the couch where I do all of my work, editing, writing, or stitching. Note the broken section of the blinds where the cats like to sit when the blinds are down. The rock band instruments left over from our intimate soiree, when a few friends came to play Halloween themed songs and view the horror flick Trick R Treat. And the Halloween lawn decorations we haven't put out yet because it's been too rainy and windy. Also note that the lights are turned on, even though it's almost noon, because it's so cloudy and gray. That's my view. I'd love to see the view from your workspace. If you post a photo, be sure to post a link.


Shelby Allaho said...

Great idea, Julie!

I do most of my work from the couch as well. If the view was better, I don't think I would get much done!

AmyPinSeattle said...

Add a laundry basket amount of dog toys...and rugs all over the chairs/couch to protect it from wet dog paws, and you now know what my view looks like! Including the blinds due to a dog instead of a cat!

kristi said...

I appreciate this! "No one blogs their dirty dishes." I've said. The temptation to make things appear rosier than they are, report the successes vs. the failures, is so strong! It's strangely fascinating... but yes, when the light is better I will record my work environs. Not even 5 PM and too dark.