Friday, November 13

Denise Interchangeable Hook Set

Okay, I'm hooked. I am admittedly snobbish about many things, food, yarn, and hooks included. So, I was kinda dubious about the Denise Interchangeable Crochet hooks being made of plastic, but when I finally got over my snobbery and gave them a proper test drive, I was surprised by how smoothly they glided through the stitches.

So, I ask myself, why don't I like plastic?

*Plastic hooks drag through the stitches compared to steel or aluminum
*Sometimes plastic hooks have a seam that gets caught up in fibers
*Plastic is too lightweight, which puts off my rhythm.

I was surprised that the Denise hooks were speedy quick, no seam, and the lightweight part isn't even a factor in the larger sizes (although, a little light in the small sizes for my taste), plus the versatility of being able to do Tunisian in any size hook and in any cable length I want is a huge plus as a designer. Long gone are the days when I will have to search the nets looking for a 3.75 mm Tunisian hook in any length. And, instead of having to deal with an unwieldy 14" aluminum hook that whacks my poor 7 year old son in the head as he tries to snuggle up to me, my fabric hangs off a super flexible cord that I can adjust to any size I need.

So, my only snobby complaint? They're gray. As soon as I become the rock star of crochet that I am destined to be, I will demand the SkaMama licensed set of Denise Interchangeable Hooks, where each hook is a different color: fuschia, tangerine, blueberry, lime, grape, lemon yellow, even green with pink polka dots, or zebra stripes. That's right, baby, you just wait. That day will come. In the meantime, I need to get me the compatible Interchangeable Knit Set. Bistitchual stitchers will rule the world.

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Angela said...

Glad to hear your take on these. I had thought they look too flimsy. I am a hold-it-at-the-top-of-the-hook kinda girl and wondered if this would work with them. I might try to find one to borrow. Always love to read feedback on products.