Monday, November 2

Tension Magazine

I am so excited to be in the groove for the next issue of Tension Magazine. I think the rush of partly owning the whole process of publishing an online magazine, from concept to publication, has ignited some of my more creative ideas. I have two designs in the next issue and I love them both!

Speaking of designs, if you are interested in submitting a pattern to Tension, we are taking submissions for our Spring and Summer publications as follows:

In addition to seasonally appropriate modern and funky fashions and accessories, we are always looking for home decor (pillows, rugs, and wall art), jewelry (using fiber, wire or resin), and bags.

Patterns may be written for crochet or knit, or a combination of the two. Elements may also include sewing, embroidery, or other needle arts. We are particularly interested in projects that feature new ideas in construction, finishing, and embellishments.

Presenting the Themes!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, Tension Magazine is looking for a few more submissions to round out our Spring ‘10 Lemon Issue.

Inspiration: pure, bright colors, Spring, tart, sour, juicy, lemony.

Fibers: cotton, soy, linen, wool, and blends.

Deadline: submissions and proposals are due Nov 15th, 2009; final patterns and samples are due Jan 20th, 2010.

Summon the spirit of Miss Violet Beuregard for our Summer '10 issue inspired by the Blueberry.

Inspiration: deeply saturated color, silky, summery, elegant, beaded

Fibers: plants, light wools, and blends.

Deadline: submissions are due Feb 15th, 2010; project sample and patterns are due Apr 20th, 2010

Submission Requirements: Please provide sketches, swatches, and schematics in your email along with a detailed proposal of the project including elements of construction and finishing.

Email submissions to

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