Friday, December 4


Do you know what's cool? Josi and I wanted a certain pattern to help round out our pattern offerings in the Cinnamon issue of Tension Magazine. So, I put out a call and the super talented Annette Petavy answered. As for the yarn, we wanted something really soft and squishy and luxurious. So I put out a call and the super talented Brianna Mewborn answered.

Of course, Annette is in France and it would've been silly to send the yarn all the way there only to have her send it back for photography - it probably wouldn't have made it on time, anyway. So instead, Brianna sent the yarn to me. I swatched it and sent Annette my stitch gauge. Annette designed the pattern according to my gauge and now I'm crocheting the sample.

The pattern is beautiful, the yarn is gorgeous and really I didn't have to do anything but crochet while sipping tea and nibbling Trader Joe's Mini Gingerbread Men. Oh yes, life is good.

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