Sunday, December 6

Family Compliments

At my kids school, you can give other people compliments - teachers to kids, kids to kids, kids to administrators, etc. My kids seem to like them, not only because they get put into a raffle for prizes, but because it helps them get recognized in a sea of 450 other children.

So, I decided to work up a Holetz Compliment for the family to make sure that there are recognitions for good things along with the usual reprimands for not so good things.

It's been working great. Sometimes, the kids have to remind me by asking if they deserved a Holetz Compliment for something they did, but that lets me know that they value the appreciation. Hey! I even get one sometimes (usually for allowing more dessert than usual).

Recently, my 7 year old son got one for being patient and helpful during a Girl Scout meeting. Totally had to recognize that one in the attempt for a repeat at the next meeting. My 10 year old daughter got one for jumping in to help (without being asked) when the bathroom flooded one evening.

If you have other ideas to show appreciation, I'd love to hear them. If you like this idea, here's our compliment that you can adapt for yourself. It's set up for 4 to a page.

Holetz Compliments

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Sue said...

cool- I just printed it for us. great idea!