Thursday, January 14

River Tunic

I am very proud of myself on this one. I created the whole thing all by my little ol' self. I know, I know, people do it all by themselves all of the time. This is officially the first pattern where I did the whole shebang - design, sample, charts and schematics. So, woot!

The River Tunic, she is available.
River Tunic 2

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Originally published in Inside Crochet Magazine as Baby Doll, this pattern has been reworked for a better fit. Pattern is created using a fingering weight merino wool and includes stitch charts and schematics. The completed tunic is intended to fit with 1-4” of ease and can be worn alone or as a layered piece. The lower half of the tunic allows for an adjustable length to suit your style or body type. Available in US terms.

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Amy said...

Love it!!!