Wednesday, April 7

Crochet for Bears Blog Tour

April 13th marks the first day of Amy O'Neill Houck's Crochet for Bears to Wear blog tour. Check out the following tour dates for guest blog posts, reviews and giveaways. Be sure to come back here, to casa de Ska, on April 15th (tax day!) for my post on how to use the book to create wearables for your favorite doll, featuring my daughter's own American Girl doll, Lilly.

» April 13 – CraftZine: They will be posting a free pattern from the book
» April 14 – Modeknit: Including a review of the book and a free giveaway
» April 15 – Skamama’s Bone Hook: Making one of the patterns for an American Girl Doll
» April 16 – Knitgrrl: Exact nature of this appearance still to be confirmed
» April 17 – Knit Brit:  A book and yarn giveaway
» April 18 – The Crochet Dude: Drew Emborsky will discuss his design from the book
» April 19 – Planet June: Working w/ a patterns from the book for an original stuffed creation
» April 20 – Yarn Thing: Amy will appear on the Yarn Thing podcast
» April 21 – Crochet By Faye: Interview
» April 22 – Designing Vashti
» April 23 – Sheep to Shawl: Experience working a pattern

Look here for a preview pages from the book.

FYI, I was the tech editor for Crochet for Bears to Wear so there shouldn't be any errors and if there are, I don't wanna hear about it. Mmm, kay?

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