Tuesday, April 6

Mater Matrix Mother Workshop in Kent!

Calling all Seattle area crocheters! There is a Mater Matrix Mother workshop at the Kent Senior Center this Saturday from 12-4 pm.

Workshop Date: April 10, 2010
Workshop Location:
Senior Activity Center , ROOM 6
600 East Smith Street, Kent, WA 98031
Time:      12 noon – 4pm

Mater Matrix Mother is the epic crocheted public art project by installation artist Mandy Greer. A glowing blue river of crocheted yarn and recycled fabrics, built my communities, then literally woven into the trees. It was originally installed at Camp Long in Seattle, WA during the summer of 2009, but has since been on tour across the country.

Mandy held workshops leading up to the installation so people could gather as a community to learn to crochet and share in the installation by adding their own work. Now Mandy is holding a few workshops to help rebuild the installation as it weathers new environments and the effects of travel.

Not sure how I can make it but I am going to try.

Somehow I will have to help husband tow a big pile of scrap lumber from the fence raising last weekend and a broken dryer to the city recycling event in Redmond, WA, go to my first roller derby practice with PFM (that's potential fresh meat) league in Ballard, WA, and hit the crochet workshop in Kent, WA. All between 10 and 4 on Saturday. It might happen if I could fly.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Julie!

There will also be another Kent workshop on May 2nd, I don't have all the info yet. So please don't kill yourself, I am a firm believer in saying no to things to keep your sanity!


Julie said...

Great news Mandy! Will be on the lookout for the 5/2 event.