Thursday, April 8

My weekly stitch group - TOOTL

Here are some of the folks from my weekly stitch group, affectionately named TOOTL (the order of the loop). We have an equal number, if not more, crocheters in the group.

From Front to back: Paula Butzi (no blog because she's too busy on the Board of Directors dispensing grants to local theater groups; also married to a man named Paul!; knitter), Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby (crocheter, knitter; spinner), Lisa (I call her Toast Master General; knitter, spinner?; weaver), Susan Moskwa (knitter, crocheter). 
Continuing from back to front:
Samantha Roshak (knitter; spinner), Colby (Kathy's son; I think he knits & spins too), Chandria (knitter, crocheter, weaver), and the ghost with the sandwich is Kathy Cadigan (knitter; spinner). Also missing are Dors (knitter) and Melody (wonderful eco baby wear designer; knitter) and Melody's baby (future knitter and crocheter).


Melody said...

TOOTL is a fabulous group of such talented, industrious people. I feel lucky to have stumbled upon you all! Kara says thanks for picking up her blocks and books 6 dozen times per meet up.

LiLi Writes said...

Picking up blocks and picking up stitches, a lovely combination. And I hope to soon show evidence sufficient to remove the "?" next to spinner in my description.