Wednesday, June 14

It's" My Party - Episode DUCT-132
The online group Crochet Me is filling the dinner table with great crocheted designs for your next evening of entertaining. Cecily begins with a spiral garland (it makes a great table topper); then Donna crochets a bottle cozy that would be a wonderful gift for the host; finally Kim makes flower pins that start the evening as your centerpiece and go home with the guests as gifts at the end of the night. Those aren't all the ideas these ladies have: there are also crocheted-wire wine-glass charms, a little box for chocolates and even crocheted sushi!

Contemporary Crochet Home Decor - Episode DUCT-116" Crocheted projects to fill the home (each made with an alternative material) are what the crafty girls of Crochet Me have cooked up. Marlo starts with a small basket that combines jute rope and hints of yarn to add color and design; Julie crochets a dowel-handled tray of leather and discusses the tips and tricks to working with this material; and Tiffany uses scraps of yarn that are lying around to crochet a pillowcase. Marlo has one more alternative material to share: plastic shopping bags. These are simply cut up and tied together to create a great ball of "yarn" to work with.

Two other episodes with moi are not listed yet.

Beginning with the first week of July, it shows that Uncommon Threads will air Mon, Wed, and Friday at 10:30 am.
Well, we have episode numbers and when it will begin to air, now we just need those two pieces of the puzzle to work together.

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