Friday, October 6

Get Hooked! Class I is done

My house smells like Fruity Stripes (remember the zebra?).

While sipping my coffee crochet class 055 this morning, citrusy Kool-Aid smells filled the air.

The class went well. Not 100% but I learned some stuff and am already applying it to next week's class. The Kool-Aid part went fast. I knew it would. So, I was ready with more little balls of yarn to learn the slip knot and chain stitch. That part went fast as well. I didn't know that. Really, just some kids picked it up faster than others. What I learned: Have a simple project ready for the kids who picked it up to try, i.e. maybe a chain stitch flower, making chains with plastic lacing, or adding beads. I could also have just taught those kids the single crochet, but I wanted to keep everyone in the same spot for next week. So, some kids kept working on their chain technique and some kids went to play hangman. The oldest two kids got bored. Also, I offered them a break but no one took it. Next week, it will be mandatory. I forgot to take photos which would've been fun. So next week, photos!
Next week: Pom poms and tassels that will turn into googly-eyed monsters and bookmarks or whatever. Single crochet. I'll get the fast learners started on a bag. Most of them said they wanted to make a blanket - ambitious little tikes. One 7-year old held her hook like a pencil. So cute! PHoto next week.

crochet classcrochet classcrochet classcrochet class

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