Wednesday, October 24

Crochet Me Book Launch - Vancouver

I decided in a fairly last minute kinda way to join Kim Werker at her Crochet Me Book launch in her hometown of Vancouver, B.C.

I arrived at Kim's house Tuesday afternoon fully expecting to get some work done. Instead Kim and I found that we had a lot of catching up to do and since we talked A.LOT (!) about crochet, Interweave, tech editing, and general yarn business we decided it was all work related and called it a day.

Foodwise, I ate very well. Sushi, sushi, sushi and chocolate chocolate chip cookies. Has Kim mentioned that Mr. Crochet Me is a fabulous baker? Holy cow those cookies were awesome.

Urban Yarns was the fabulous store that hosted the book launch. They emptied the whole store of it's tables and filled it again with chairs, which in turn filled to capacity and them some. Kim is a very engaging speaker. She occasionally threw the floor to me, whereupon I blushed, blurted out a few words that hardly seemed to go together then sat down. The event was successful, my yarn purchases were beautiful, and my hosts were extremely gracious. Many thanks go to Mr. and Mrs. Crochet Me and of course Cleo, the warm and friendly Crochet Me dog.

My return home wasn't as adventurous as I had anticipated. Stopped at Tim Hortons for a donut (yum!), waited at the border for about an hour and passed the time, winding my beautiful Mirasol yarn into balls.

I stopped at the side of the road to admire Alpacas and sheep. The Alpaca shop in La Conner, WA had a Nature Spun Apparel shop, antiques shop, and country store. I was hoping for some raw wool, but alas they were closed.

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