Monday, August 29

Arrrrrrgh! I be swatchin'

I'm in a swatching frenzy as the ideas are coming fast and furious. I spent so much time swatching, I had to show and tell. If anyone is hit with a fantastic idea, they want to share with me, let me know. I think I know what I want to do with them but could be convinced there are better ideas out there.

Basketweave swatch in Tahki Classic Cotton, size D
I started at the bottom with a 4x4 box. Then wanted a bigger box effect so upgraded to the 8x8 at the top. By going to 8 dc/rf x 8 dc/rb, I need to increase the number of rows to 4/box. It looks too squished.

Stream of conscious swatch. TLC Cotton Plus, size D
Started with herringbone half double, woven with fuschia tulle strip. Then, I thought "no, I want a raised rib effect, so I moved onto a reverse slip stitch in flo (green) then sc in remaining blo (pink). Finally, I wanted a bigger overlap of the green to the pink, so I did a reverse sc in flo, with a sc in rem blo. The green/pink stripes have a 3-D effect you can't see here.

Lookee, lookee, I got an early Christmas present. Well, really it's an Anniversary (8/31), Christmas (12/25) and next birthday (3/30) present all in one. But, now I can edit AND spend quality time with SkaDaddy on the couch. Here's to hoping I get more editing jobs *clink*.


kayli34leonardo said...

Just passing by your blog and though you'd like this website.

big_girlfeet said...

nice swatches & love the colours, especially the pink & green one!! very cool!

Tara said...

Hey there! I finished your banner. I hope you like it. You can pick it up at my blog.
Your swatches look great, by the way!