Sunday, December 4

New Crochet me

Have you checked out this month? No? Oh, you really gotta get over there. The patterns are fantastic! Crochet me is working on streamlining the magazine, making it more interactive and smoothing out the navigation. It's getting good, people. Really good. While I didn't have a pattern this issue, I had a great time editing the patterns. Many of the patterns look complicated, but with a simple twist in construction the designers took basic stitch patterns and made a very simple, user friendly project. I'm currently making myself the Incredibly Versatile Giant Snowflake found here I used Woolease in a cranberry color and a went up a size in hook to make sure it was bigger and lacier.
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Look at the beautiful yarn the publisher sent for the book I'm doing.
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Cascade 220 is just gorgeous. More yarn color photos later. I think I'll use the Cascade 220 for the sweater vest I have partially written for a later issue of Crochet me. Now, I just have to come up with two more patterns and I'm essentially done with the pattern portion. Then I just have to write another 25 pages and I'm done. Simple, right?


Anne said...

Day-yum those colors are vibrant! How true to hue are they? Rich!

I want to see how that snowflake wrap looks from the front. Funky idea. Adam saw it and was like, "What the HELL is that?!" Boys. What do they know? This from a guy who would wear shorts every day of his life if he could.

Julie said...

They are definitely rich. The fuschia was hard to photograph 'cause it's blindingly fuschia-esque. But the other colors are pretty much right on.

The snowflake wrap is versatile in how you wear it. I likely won't be wearing it the way it's shown right now. She rolls it up and wears it as a coat scarf, which I liked. Then she folds it in half and wears it like a little cape, which is cute. Definitely an individual preference pattern. My first ever doily, though. So, go me.

Kim Werker said...

Hey Julie! The Snowflake pattern's up. :)


I am addicted to the 220, it felts great too. I also like quatro from Cascade. Now that I think about it, I think I love Cascade in general. And, I can't wait to see the new book! Let me know when it comes out!

Ellen Bloom said...

Julie!!! I didn't realize that the new Crochet Me was up! Thanks again for urging me to submit a pattern. This is a great issue!

Ellen B.

Rachel said...

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