Tuesday, January 3

One. More. Page.
Then, I can send it off!
I'm certain that I will see this again in the next couple of weeks. Probably, even more than once.
Tips to writing a book.
1. Write a brief outline of each page or group of pages. Apparently, this is called a paginated outline.
2. Just get some stuff written. Even if it doesn't sound like you. Just get it on "paper".
3. Go back, flesh it out, and organize your pages. Have a drink and relax.
4. Go back and put your voice into it. You should be able to read it and feel comfortable with the words. Try to avoid words like chubby knubby. It's a kids crochet book, for chrissakes.
5. Go back and take out all the repetitive or redundant (wait a minute) words, phrases, and sentences.
6. Read it again and tweak.
7. Realize that you won't stop tweaking and stop.
8. Clean some stuff up. You're house is a mess!

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ladylinoleum said...

Julie, this is very timely for me as it is my goal to write a crocheted creature book this year. I'm a novice with regard to publishing. Actually the whole thing is a new frontier for me. Where to start, how to go about contacting publishers, etc., etc. All I know is I get a gazillion emails a day about the where and when my patterns will be available. All I can say is "stay tuned".